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Welcome to Garden Fresh Farms

Websters definition of ORGANIC: relating to, yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  information, locations, local stores, recipes and CSA sign up forms go to http://www.gardenfreshfarms.org

We “GROW” local farms with our patent pending indoor agriculture systems. We are working with accredited investors to “Grow” a farm in your hometown.

GFF_Dave_Lettuce2Dave Roeser

Click on the Farm Ownership tab at the top to bring our award winning farm to your neighborhood

Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player, the LCD screen, thin batteries, or the internet, but they pulled all those technologies together in a way that worked together like never before. That is what we have done with Aquaponics.

Started in 2010, Garden Fresh Farms has made steady progress developing indoor warehouse urban farming agricultural systems. Two methods have been developed and we have been selling produce and fish to the local market.

Our indoor warehouse systems use artificial light and are immune to droughts and other weather conditions effecting traditional agriculture. Our methods are financially sustainable and solve the problems usually created by traditional agriculture.

We pioneered growing produce in a dense and efficiency manner. Our growing systems use land 100 times more efficiently than traditional farming. This allows for indoor growing year round with less water, energy efficiencies , reduced waste and low transportation costs.

We have tested our systems, proved sustainability, developed value added products and forged customers with nationwide demand. Systems can be Aquaponic or Hydroponic with worldwide application. Systems can also be an add-on revenue channel for traditional farming.

We have started our next phase with the roll out of Garden Fresh Farms – St. Paul and plan to grow into additional cities as a total solution for investors looking to capitalize from the current trends in Local ,Natural, Green, access to healthy food and sustainable agriculture.

We also are willing to partner with investors in other cities as part of our commitment to sustainable urban farming and accelerate the process.  A partnership with Garden Fresh Farms would provide state of the art equipment, consulting, aid in installation, ongoing support, provide access to new process equipment as developed, co-pack agreements for value added products and to ensure a successful start-up, local fulfillment of customer contracts. Farms are a substantial investment and ownership is only open to accredited investors.

Contact Dave Roeser;  droeser@gardenfreshfarms.com

The Lettuce Factory

Small size: 10 X 120 ftThe Lettuce Factory

Production: 1,000 heads

lettuce/day 5 days/wk

Crops: Leaf & Bibb Lettuce,

Upland Cress, Oregano, Asian Greens

and many others

Modular: Just add another section


Orbiting Garden

Space: 10w X 50l X 10h plus aisles

Production: 800 Basil plants/day

20 Total Cylinders

Flow through watering system

Aquaponic or Hydroponic

Ergonomic harvesting with detachable panels


Go Aquaponic!

Our growing systems can be Aquaponic or Hydroponic. We can help develop the aquaculture portion of any Aquaponic operation. Indoor tanks where the fish waste is turned into fertilizer for the plants is the future of sustainable farming. This makes “farm raised fish” safe for the environment. Your accountant will love it too!

We are currently testing the Fruit Factory to grow fruiting plants like tomatoes indoors.

Tour Schedule:  Sorry, we no longer can give public tours. Thank you for your understanding.

Chosen Ramsey County Family Farm of the Year 2012

Garden Fresh Farms uses Aquaponics technology in an urban setting to grow food products, in a sustainable manner, year round, in very close proximity to where it will be consumed. Aquaponics is the process of raising fish, using fish waste converted with bacteria into nitrogen to fertilize plants hydroponically and returning clean water back to the fish tanks where the cycle repeats itself.

Join the future of farming, year round growing indoors with consistent quality. Our produce is grown and harvested daily in Maplewood, MN and can be picked up at our convenient location at the intersection of Hwy 36 & Hwy 61.

Starting in 2010, we developed special methods, lighting and equipment that allow us to grow all year-long in a controlled warehouse. No droughts, pesticides or harsh chemicals. We use organic methods in growing, but because we are an Aquaponic operation we are not certified organic. Aquaponics is the method of growing hydroponically, where the fish provide the fertilizer instead of artificial fertilizers and chemicals. It is a special partnership between fish and plants that gives our produce its bountiful bouquet and taste. We naturally fortify our water with calcium and iron for improved nutrition.

All our produce is available year round and starting April 1st for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and RSA (Restaurant Supported Agriculture) subscribers. Variety, not surprises each week helps our subscribers with menu planning with set weekly variety of products. We grow several varieties of leaf lettuce, herbs, sprouts, seasonal berries and mint. We raise rainbow trout and tilapia and harvest them on a regular basis. Your subscription includes fresh artisan breads and other scheduled items. Check our website for the weekly menu.

Access to fresh, natural, locally grown green produce and fresh fish year round, what could be healthier for you and our environment?

What’s next?

We have proven that urban agriculture is sustainable in a warehouse environment. We want to help others reach for their dream and replicate Garden Fresh Farms in large urban areas. Imagine owning your own business that is “green”, natural, local and healthy. In any economy people have to eat and with the rise in gas prices, consumer purchases of locally produced products will increase.

Helping the Urban Farmer: We are making owning an urban farm within reach of the passive investor who believe in the future of indoor agriculture, wants to be part of the growth, but doesn’t want to quite their day job. Under a license agreement with Garden Fresh Farms, we have developed a Limited Partnership structure for farms to be built in your community. We developed a management company to operate the farm and pass on profits to the farm investors. The structure of farm investing, management and distribution under the Garden Fresh Farms name is an effort to help others build local sustainable urban agriculture close to home. Each installation would be scaled to the urban area location population and the “urban farmer’s” financial investment. Design, machinery, installation, commissioning the farm and ongoing support would be covered by an upfront license fee and an ongoing license fee. Locations can be Aquaponic or hydroponic based on level of investment, scale,local expertise or urban farmer’s desire.

See pictures of The Lettuce Factory and the Orbiting Garden under the “Growing Systems” tab.

Contact Dave at droeser@gardenfreshfarms.com for more information. http://www.TheLettuceFactory.com   http://www.OrbitingGarden.com

Our front  yard was planted in 2011 with “permaculture” plants, such as raspberries, cherry trees and mint.

Copyright Garden Fresh Farms, Inc

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